Character Creation

Changes from basic D&D 5E Quick Reference
  • DND5E "Race" is replaced by AIME "Culture" 
  • Instead of Ability Score Improvements at 4/8/12/16/19. Characters from one of the races of Mankind (Mannish) can take a "Cultural Virtue" at 1st level
  • DND5E "Classes" are fully replaced by AIME "Classes" however I reserve the right to allow some slight multiclassing into DND5E "Wizard" and some "Ritual" spells depending on circumstances. 
  • DND5E "Backgrounds" (2 personality traits, ideal, bond, flaw) are replaced with AIME "Backgrounds" (two skill proficiencies, Distinctive Feature, Speciality, Hope, Despair) 
  • Skill Changes = Riddle (INT), Lore (INT; replaces DND5E Arcana), Shadow-lore (INT), Traditions (INT)
  • Standard of Living is introduced and varies by Culture


All character gain The Common Speech (aka "Westron" or Adûni) and their native Cultural Language for free. Many will also have a third language depending on the Culture. 

Elf and Scholar characters with Proficiency in Lore (INT, new for AIME) skill has proficiency in Quenya. Anyone else with Lore speaks Quenya at an academic level (much like a European Scholar of the Classics has a passing familiarity with Greek and/or Latin). 

Also remember in DND5E that characters can acquire additional skills & languages with time/gp so work with the Loremaster for some number of additional languages that make sense for the character. 

Starting Ability Scores

May begin with the default spread: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8

Or spend 27 points per the costs in the PHB

Hit Points

Max for the HD always, even after 1st level

Starting Equipment

See the "Bonus Equipment List" as detailed in each Culture and "Equipment" as detailed in each Class. If a dice roll is required (for example, starting Silver Pennies) assume maximum. 

Character Creation

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