Extreme Cold

This represents house rules that modify the printed rules for Extreme Cold etc.

The R.A.W. (Rules as Written) indicate only a Constitution Save DC 10 is required each hour at zero Fahrenheit or below. Cold Weather clothing removes the test altogether.

I want Winter to be more of a detriment to justify why little to nothing happens during the Winter Months. 

- Wolfhound


  • The required roll is a Constitution Save versus a DC 10.
  • Failure results in 1 level of Exhaustion
  • A Long Rest done in a warm shelter with sufficient Food & Drink will remove 1 level of Exhaustion. 
  • Winter Clothing in my version of Middle-Earth does not grant automatic success, instead failure to have such clothing causes Disadvantage when rolling the Constitution Save.

Windchill affects the frequency the Constitution Save must be performed.

Windchill Frequency of Save
40° F -> 0° F (Severe Cold) per 4 Hours
0° F -> -20° F (Extreme Cold 1) per Hour
-20° F -> -60° F (Extreme Cold 2) per 15 Minutes
-60° F -> -100° F (Extreme Cold 3) per 5 Minutes
-100° F or Below (Extreme Cold 4) per Minute


Extreme Cold

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